Company Profile

Waterco is involved in the manufacture and distribution of:

• Pool and spa equipment
• Residential water filters, softeners and purifiers
• Pool and spa chemicals
• Commercial water treatment equipment

Waterco exports its products to over 40 countries via its offices in Australia, New Zealand, China, Malaysia,
Singapore, Indonesia, United Kingdom, France, Canada and the United States of America.

Distributor to Manufacturer

Waterco commenced business in 1981 as a distributor of PVC pipes for swimming pools and spas. Since then,
through a series of acquisitions as well as internal growth, the company has expanded into the manufacture and
distribution of a comprehensive range of swimming pool and spa products and water treatment equipment.

Manufacturing Power House

Waterco’s research & development team has created an innovative range of award winning products. Waterco
delivers high quality products at exceptional value with its efficient manufacturing procedures, advanced fibreglass
winding and pioneering plastic moulding.