How to Prepare Your Pool for Spring Start Up and Autumn Shutdown

Swimming pool maintenance in NZ changes with our seasons. Some months require a little more effort, as you need to prepare your pools differently for spring and for autumn. The warmer weather during spring signals more swimming time, and you need to make sure the pool is safe and clean to use. On the other hand, autumn marks the closing of the swimming season, yet pools still need adequate preparation for an enjoyable swimming experience next summer. Here’s our guide to starting up your pools for spring and shutting them down for autumn.

Preparing your pool for spring

Spring is a perfect time to open your hibernating pool up again. Here’s how to prepare your pool for an enjoyable swimming season.

  1. Clean your pool cover

Before opening your pool, you need to remove the debris collected on your pool cover during the off-season. This ensures no debris will fall into the pool from the cover once you open it. You can use a mesh net, a pool brush, or a plastic rake to remove fallen leaves and other solid debris. If standing water is present, use a cover pump to remove collected water. Remember to make the cover as dry as it can possibly be.

  1. Remove and properly store pool cover

Using a spa pool cover lifter can help you easily remove smaller spa covers, to store and pack for future use. For larger pool covers, lay it down on a flat surface and hose off any debris, letting it dry completely for a few hours to let it dry completely. After drying, fold the cover neatly and store it properly in the garage or your pool storage.

  1. Inspect pumps and examine filters

Once you have removed your pool cover, it’s time to inspect for your pool for any signs of damage. Examine your pool filter to check for clogs and tears. Double check your pool’s vinyl liner if you have one. The important rule to remember is to not start your pump until you’re sure that everything is in good working condition.

  1. Add water

You then need to refill your pool with water. It’s not uncommon for water levels to drop by several inches. You can use regular water to fill your pool through a garden hose. Once filled, vacuum your pool or use a robotic pool cleaner to remove remaining debris on your pool’s floors, walls, and steps.

  1. Clean, sanitise, and balance

After giving your pool a thorough clean, it’s time to add pool chemicals to sanitise and balance your pool’s pH. The water may require certain adjustments as it has undergone changes over the colder months. The added tap water from the previous step can also throw off your pool’s pH balance. Test the water and add chemicals accordingly, and avoid entering the pool as it’s being treated; it’s best to wait until the chlorine level drops between 1 and 3 ppm to start swimming.

Shutting down your pool at Autumn

As the weather becomes colder and downpours become more frequent, we recommend following these steps to ensure proper upkeep even during Autumn season.

  1. Free the pool of dirt and debris

Firstly, you need to clean any floating leaves, branches, algae, and other debris. Ensure that your pool deck is in good condition as well. Any damage on its surface can open a gateway for dirt and rain to enter the slab. Make sure you cover up any damage to protect the slab from the elements.

  1. Check water and pH levels

Before placing your pool covers back over the pool, it pays to ensure the water level is just right. Check the levels of chlorine and calcium to make sure the water’s pH is balanced. This way, you don’t have to treat the water as much come summer. You can even call in experts to help you inspect your water for appropriate treatment.

  1. Inspect filtration system before shutting down

Take a look at your filtration systems before shutting them down. Flush out any water inside the lines and make sure everything is in good working condition. If there are any repairs to be made, it’s best to take care of them before the cold sets it. This way, you can ensure that everything will work well when you start up your pool again.

  1. Place a cover on the pool

At this stage, you can use your pool cover to safeguard the water from dirt and debris. Though some may not think a pool cover is necessary, it reduces the amount of work you have to do to open the pool back up significantly. Plus, pool covers secure your swimming pool areas so kids and pets can wander off the surrounding area safely.

Make your pool safe for all seasons!

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