Auckland Spa and Swimming Pool Maintenance and Repair

We offer a full range of services from weekly maintenance visits and new pool installation to spa pool equipment repairs or replacement and everything in between.

Professional Spa & Pool Maintenance Services

At Crystal Clear Pool, Spa & Electrical, we understand that your time is valuable. When you’re not working, you want to be able to enjoy your pool or spa. After all, that’s what you spent your hard-earned money for, right? You don’t want to wait around all day waiting for someone to show up to do spa pool repairs, only to have them call you at 5pm saying they can’t make it today, or worse, not get a phone call at all.

That’s why our team are in constant communication with you and our technicians in the field. Good communication is very important to us, and better for you. We always answer our phone during business hours, and someone who is both understanding and knowledgeable will be waiting to help. We’re happy to schedule you in as soon as possible, and may even be able to answer a lot of your questions right when you call.

No Half Measures

Another thing we at Crystal Clear Pool, Spa & Electrical understand is taking the time to do the job right. Whether you need a pool installation or spa pool repair, you don’t want only half the job done. We see it all the time; technicians come in, they’re in a hurry, and want to get the job done quickly so that they can get to the next one. They don’t take the time to be proactive. The immediate problem may be taken care of (hopefully), but the actual cause of the problem is overlooked. A small crack somewhere, a small leak, a corroded electrical connection, all of which could cause a bigger problem later.

Maybe you are planning a swim party for your kids, or you have a small gathering of your best friends ready to take a soak in your spa after a nice dinner, only to not be able to use it. Here at Crystal Clear Pool, Spa & Electrical, we do take the time to be proactive. We will also explain to you what was needed and why, and answer any questions you may have.

Many of our largest clients are property managers. They have very strict criteria that they require from their service providers, and cannot afford to make many mistakes. This means we’re used to standing behind our work and taking proper care of clients upfront.

Don’t spend more than you need to on your pool

We are experts at turning your pool into an efficiently run machine, by cutting your monthly costs, via both chemicals and the pool system itself. A lot of the time all it takes is making a few small changes or upgrades to get your pool running at its peak, saving you money in the long run. The pool will stay cleaner longer, while running your pump less.

The key to keeping your pool looking great all year round is better flow. The more pool water filtered, the cleaner the water stays, and the less chemicals you’ll use. The faster you can filter the amount of water your pool needs to stay clean, the more efficient your pool is, and the less it will cost you to run the pump.

Ready to talk to the spa pool experts?

We don’t just put a band aid on the problem—we look further and find the source, and can recommend repairs or upgrades that may be needed, keeping in mind maximum efficiency, and of course, your budget.

The economy is also a factor when making decisions like these for your pool or spa. We understand that, and so can devise a plan that makes sense to you by completing the needed repairs or upgrades in stages in order to fit your budget.

If you use our weekly pool care service, we won’t just help you keep your pool looking great and sparkling clean, we’ll also give you early warnings on potential problems before they become headaches. Talk to us today for the best swimming pool maintenance NZ has to offer.

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