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Here at Crystal Clear Pools, we specialise in pool cleaning, electrical repairs, and chemicals to keep your spa or swimming pool in top condition. From pool and spa chemicals to the supply and installation of new equipment or accessories, our certified and qualified team are here to help.

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  • Amazing service. Our spa hadn't been used for several years and was pretty filthy. A Bronze Service brought it back to brand new in a couple of hours. Highly recommend Crystal, awesome!

    Dave Russell Avatar Dave Russell
    23 February 2022
  • I would highly recommend Chris for his great service. He is very professional and did the job perfectly. We booked for gold star service to clean our spa pool. Very happy with the service and would definitely book again. Very good communication and knowledge, he answered all my questions patiently. Thank you Chris.

    Sandya M Avatar Sandya M
    21 January 2022
  • Not sure where my review went - But my experience was a rip off. Was charged a call out fee and 1 hour (which was Not quoted on the call) to assess my spa. Spa just needed to be shocked. Would never have agreed to the extortionate bill, when there’s a Spa Retailer down the road! Bad service

    Lani Manuel Avatar Lani Manuel
    23 December 2022
  • Thank you very much chris, not only helped me install the machine, but also helped me repair the broken water pipes before, and answered my questions patiently. I think that in the future, as long as it is related to the swimming pool, I will feel relieved to hand it over he

    Hui Yuan Avatar Hui Yuan
    28 November 2021
  • Just witnessed one of the workers of this company get into a road rage incident in Rosedale this morning. He got out of his car holding up all the traffic behind him and began threatening and racially abusing the other car for ‘not indicating’. Got so out of hand bystanders had to get involved. Grow up mate. A shame as I’ve used them for spa valet in the past which is how I recognised the van. Never again though!

    Daniel Avatar Daniel
    25 October 2023


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