Cedar Hot Tub Starter Pack

$450.00 inc. GST or subscribe and save 10%

Everything you need to get your chlorine free hot tub set up and maintained for the first 6 months.

Kit includes:

  • 4x Silver Cove Colloidal Silver 5L
  • 2x Poppits Quickfix 1kg
  • 1x Poppits Cartridge Cleaner 1kg
  • 1x Waterco CC50 Cartridge Filter
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Mason Ridge have trialed many of the water treatment systems available on today’s market and have narrowed their recommendation down to the combination of Salud Colloidal Silver and Pool Poppits Quickfix. Adding these two in combination on a weekly basis and keeping the filter clean so it can function properly have provided exceptional results to date.


See also our Poppits filter cartridge cleaner plus the spa hardcover vinyl protectant spray to ensure the longevity of your cover.


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