Water Treatment

Mason Ridge have trialed many of the water treatment systems available on today’s market and have narrowed their recommendation down to the combination of Salud Colloidal Silver and Pool Poppits Quickfix. Adding these two in combination on a weekly basis and keeping the filter clean so it can function properly have provided exceptional results to date. Both products are chlorine free so should be suitable even for those with sensitive skin.

See also our Poppits filter cartridge cleaner plus the spa hardcover vinyl protectant spray to ensure the longevity of your cover.

We Believe There Is No Better Hot Tub On The New Zealand Market

Not All Hot Tubs Are Created Equal

At Mason Ridge, we pride ourselves on offering the very best cedar hot tubs and the highest level of personal service. Individually crafted and constructed from the finest materials, we believe there is no better hot tub on the New Zealand market.

Find out for yourself about the Mason Ridge difference

The Benefits of a Mason Ridge Cedar Hot Tub

When you purchase a Mason Ridge Cedar Hot Tub, you are investing in your health and wellbeing.

Soaking away your stress at the end of a hectic day, relaxing your tired muscles after a hard workout, or sharing a glass of wine with your loved ones, are just a few of your new found pleasures.

The natural scent of the cedar and the calming effect of the warm water provide a unique, beneficial environment that you will savor for years to come.

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Owner and creator Butch Menzies has craftsmanship in his blood

Growing up in the house that his grandfather built, Butch understood the importance of quality materials and workmanship from a young age.

A thirteen-year career on super yachts reinforced these values, along with the importance of providing exceptional customer service.

On returning to New Zealand, Butch created his first hot tub for his rural Hawke’s Bay property. After being swamped with requests from family and friends, the idea of creating quality hot tubs for the New Zealand market was born.

Today, Mason Ridge Cedar offers a range of Classic Hot Tubs in a variety of sizes, or we can custom make a tub to your individual requirements.