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We repair and install a wide range of pool electrical systems, such as pool lights, led lights, pumps, heaters, salt systems, valves, equipment automation, timers, switches, circuit breakers, GFCI outlets, and wiring.

Swimming and Spa Pool Lights

Gone are the days when your pool becomes dark and uninviting once the sun has set. With the right kind of lighting, your pool will be the most appealing place in your home to be after dark!

In addition to creating an amazing mood, pool lighting makes the area much safer and can help create an amazing backdrop to outdoor entertaining. Our range of LED lighting can open up many options for those looking to reap the benefits of pool lighting. Initially, pools only had halogen surface mounted lights available. Now there is the option for LEDs, or lighting which is fibre optic, wall-mounted, flush-mounted, multicoloured and even various shapes and sizes.

Halogen Lighting

Halogen globes are still the most commonly used kind of swimming and spa pool lights, but they are slowly losing favour as consumers turn to more energy-efficient LEDs. They have been the majority of the market for many years, due to their brightness and easy maintenance.

The main advantage halogen holds over LEDs is that you can simply change the globe when it has reached the end of its life, whereas an LED light needs to be completely replaced. However, the average halogen light can be expected to last 2000-5000 hours, which is considerably less than an LED. You can maximise this lifespan with regular usage, as lack of use can damage the globes.

Although halogens are initially cheaper to buy, be aware that halogen bulbs will consume more power than some other types of light.

Surface Mounted Lighting

Surface mounted lighting is installed beside a pool, and so sometimes does stick out into the pool a certain amount, depending on the brand and model. The main advantage to surface mounted lighting is the amount of light they give off; not being installed inside the wall means they can light the pool considerably more than a flush mounted light. They can also be easily installed in concrete, fibreglass and vinyl pools.

Flush Mounted Lighting

One of the main advantages of flush mounted lighting is the flexibility in terms of placement, as they can be placed almost anywhere inside your pool, including near stairs, as they do not protrude and therefore won’t be knocked about. They can be either halogen lights or LEDs and are placed in recesses so that all you can see is the lights face.

Heat & Illuminate A New Spa Pool

Having the space and money to install a swimming pool and a spa is a wonderful luxury, but it’s important to consider the wiring needed to heat and/or install lighting for your spa or swimming pool. At Crystal Clear Pool, Spa & Electrical, we can help you get all hooked up to your electrical system. Our electricians are dedicated to providing you with safe wiring installation services so you can start enjoying your pool as soon as possible.

Dedicated to Hot Tub & Pool Safety

The wiring for your hot tub and swimming pool may seem simple enough to figure out on your own, but in order to avoid electrical problems, it’s best to hire a professional. Let our experienced electricians handle the installation process safely. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, and we have taken care of the wiring for many spas and swimming pools all over the North Island.

The installation process may include:

  • New electrical wiring
  • New panels
  • GFCI installation
  • Underground conduits


We here at Crystal Clear Pool, Spa & Electrical are fully qualified and insured electricians, so you know that you’re in good hands. Family safety is our first concern, especially considering the wet area hazards associated with pools and spas.

Your pool wiring needs to be checked regularly to ensure that pumps are operating at their optimum. Chris has over 20 years’ experience in promptly diagnosing problems with pumps and heaters, letting you get back to enjoying your pool or spa.

We can repair and organise replacement parts as required, and can offer a wide range of brands ensuring you get the best price.

We work closely with pool installation contractors, installing new pools or refurbishment of existing pools including replacing pool lighting with the latest in LED pool lights.

Licensed Electrical Pool Technicians

At Crystal Clear Pool, Spa & Electrical, our top priority is customer satisfaction and safety. Our goal is to make the wiring process as seamless as possible. When you hire our team for any electrical project, you can rest assured that we will show up on time, and get the job done right. Our company is family owned and operated, and dedicated to giving you the peace of mind that your pool is safe. Contact us now to get a quote.

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