What’s That Piece? Identifying Spa Pool Components

Spa pool repairs become much easier when you’re able to determine the root cause of the problem. One of the ways you can diagnose your spa pool is by being adept at reviewing all of the important components on a regular basis, and checking if they’re still in working condition. Today, we go over each piece of your spa pool, so you know how to address problems when they come up.


Filters are very important in spa pools, as they offer protection for your pool from different microbes and algae. These things, along with fine particles of dust and dirt, can clog your filters and decrease their lifespan, and that’s why your spa pool filters should be cleaned regularly (at least every two months) to maximise their usefulness. If you see that your water is not staying clear, there’s restricted water flow, or you see that your cartridge is cracked or damaged, it may be time to replace the filter, or have it checked by a professional.


Pumps play a huge role in contributing to the health of your spa pool’s water. They’re responsible for circulating the water through your filters. Plus, pumps are responsible for pushing water through the heaters, so that your water temperature is just right. Pumps also keep the water moving so that the cleaning chemicals you add can mix properly.

Spa pool pumps will vary in number, depending on the size of your spa pool. A good way to check your spa pool’s pumps is to check for any sign of water leakage, or excess noise, both of which can indicate a problem.


More than just providing your spa a nice cover, spa pool covers have a thermal resistance value, which enables your spa to save up to 70% of heating energy requirements. To ensure the quality of your spa pool cover, you need to check any rips and tears, which can significantly reduce its insulation value. You can even spray a vinyl protectant spray on them to reduce wear and tear. Another way to prolong the life of your spa cover is by making sure to remove it every time you’re dosing with algaecides, with the help of a spa pool cover lifter.


Ozone units help reduce your chlorine and chemical usage, improving your overall water sanitation. Ozone units can be retro-fitted to most spa pools. We recommend checking your ozone units’ efficiency annually, so that you can depend less on chlorine. You may need to replace the chip on CD units after a few years, depending on how often they run. If your spa runs all year round, you may need to replace hoses, or review your valves after every five years.

Maintain your spa pool’s health with ease!

Along with regularly using spa cleaning supplies to sanitise your water, the key to maintaining the health of your spa pool is to make sure that its components are working properly. Every part of your spa pool serves a unique purpose that contributes to giving you a healthy, safe, and comfortable environment. We at Crystal Clear aim to help you in maintaining your spa pools with high-quality products. Contact us today to learn how we can help!