Nature2 Spa Sticks Mineral Purifier

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Nature2 Spa Sticks Mineral Purifier


Nature2 Spa automatically disperses silver and zinc ions into your spa, maintaining your water quality while reducing chlorine requirements.


A simple way to spa more naturally

Spa naturally using the proven power of minerals. Nature2 Spa is a low-maintenance alternative to chlorine* that uses the antimicrobial power of minerals to give you cleaner, clearer water while providing round the clock algae control* — even when your pump is not running**. A convenient and simple sanitizing solution, Nature2 Spa drastically reduces chemical use, helping to keep pH in a neutral range and prolonging the life of your equipment. Guaranteed not to stain surfaces, Nature2 Spa installs in seconds and is easy to maintain — so you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy your spa without feeling, smelling, or being affected by harsh chemicals.


  • Reduces chlorine consumption
  • Destroys algae* and bacteria
  • Works with chlorine or Nature2 Cense® for the added benefit of aromatherapy
  • Low maintenance; lasts up to 4 months


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