Broken Pool Pumps: Repair or Replace?

Even with the best robotic pool cleaners, you still need a well-functioning pool pump to maintain a healthy pool filtration system. After all, it is the heart of your pool. So, when it’s not functioning properly, or worse, has broken down, you probably need to do something about it to avert potential hazards. Today, we talk about broken pool pumps – is it better to have it repaired or replaced?

Repairing Pool Pumps

Ultimately, repairing a pool pump seems like the most ideal option, especially if it’s going to cost you less. However, that’s not always the case.

You want to consider the age of your pool pump and what external forces it has been subjected to. Your pool pump, when exposed to extreme temperatures and storms, can easily wear out, or break down before it should. Plus, you have to weigh the repair costs involved before deciding on this route.

Where to start?

First, look into the heart of the problem of why it’s not functioning properly. It can be either a pump problem or a motor problem. Pump problems include all the parts that the water moves through (pump pot, pump basket, volute, impeller, and diffuser). This includes broken baskets, worn seals, clogged impellers or diffusers, and cracked volutes.

Motor problems include scenarios such as your pumps not starting, overheating, or creating a loud noise while operating, which may mean the shaft bearing has gone bad. If it’s a motor problem, you can easily repair or replace your motor without having to replace the whole pump.

Once you determine the root cause of the problem, you can price out the pump parts needed to for repairs, and figure out if it makes sense to repair the pump or have it entirely replaced.

Generally, it makes the most sense to repair when:

  • The cost of a pump or motor repair is less than the cost of a replacement pump.
  • Your motor or pump is less than five years old.
  • You’re up for the challenge of tinkering with the parts of your own pump.
  • If it’s a motor issue that’s fixable.

Replacing Pool Pumps

The first thing you should do when considering replacing your pool pumps is to check your pump’s motor manufacturer to see if it’s under warranty. Usually, warranties last for one year. If the warranty has expired, you can opt to get a new one. If you have a pool pump that has been repaired multiple times, it may be time to have a replacement.

If you can’t tell what’s wrong or how to fix your pump, or if you’re unsure whether you should repair or replace, you can call in an expert who can evaluate your pool pump’s health for you.

Generally, it’s time to replace your pump when

  • Your pump/motor is older than five years.
  • Your pump is either undersized or oversized. Filter pressure running at 20-30 psi means your pool pump may be too large. Changing it to a lower horsepower can reduce pressure, improve flow, and reduce energy consumption.
  • The pump has suffered fatal damage or complete failure of the motor.
  • Parts have discontinued or are now obsolete.
  • You want to skip the DIYs and hire a professional and reliable team to install a new pool pump.

Pool Pumps – Check in with the Pros!

When your pool pumps show signs of disrepair, it’s best to tackle the issue immediately to prevent further damage. Repairing pool pumps on your own requires a fair bit of knowledge, especially when it comes to handling parts. Failure to take proper precautions can lead to serious injury, damage the pump entirely, and may even cause property damage. If you’re unsure how to repair and are uncomfortable with DIY-ing, it’s best to leave it to the pros and hire expert services to properly deal with your pool pump.

Crystal Clear Pools has experience in swimming pool pump repair. Whether your pool pump is leaking, making loud noises, won’t turn on, or is worn out, we can repair it, or offer you an option to replace it with an energy efficient and cost-effective pump. We specialise in swimming pool maintenance in NZ and provide pool installation NZ wide. For expert installation and repair services, call us today!