Customers looking for an exceptional Spa and Pool Maintenance Service in Auckland NZ are now able to, at Crystal Clear Spa, Pool & Electrical. Chris Boyd, Owner/Founder at Crystal Clear Spa, Pool & Electrical has just released more in depth details of these services at Crystal Clear Pool, Spal & Electrical.

Crystal Clear Spa and Pool Services is designed to appeal specifically to Spa and Pool Owners and includes:

Spa Pool Services – This was included as a spa pool is often used more than the main swimming pool. Customers who buy Crystal Clear Spa and Pool Services should enjoy this particular feature because they offer a one stop shop for all spa pool maintenance.

Swimming Pool Services – Crystal Clear Spa, Pool & Electrical made sure to make this part of the Spa and Pool Maintenance Services in Auckland NZ as this is the lifeblood of the business and one they are passionate about. Customers will likely appreciate this because the company’s owner has many years experience servicing pools and the consumer can feel at ease that the company knows how to solve most problems.

Spa and Pool Electrical Services – This feature was included because often a fault can be electrical and so this is a necessary area to cover. This is great news for the consumer as often, when providing pool services, an electrical fault is discovered and the consumer can rest assured that the company can deal with any issues.


Chris Boyd, when asked about Crystal Clear Spa and Pool Services said:

“We offer a full range of services from weekly maintenance visits to new pool installations, equipment repairs or replacement and everything in between.”

Crystal Clear Spa, Pool & Electrical has three main services to provide, and Chris Boyd is particularly excited about providing an exceptional service to the spa and pool owners of Auckland.

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