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Pool and Spa Filters

Is your pool filter leaking? Does the dirt blow back in while you’re vacuuming? Does the filter get dirty too quickly? We can evaluate and repair your existing filter concerns. We also offer many filter brands and options if it is determined that we need to replace your existing filter.

Like the pool pump, the filter is an essential component of every pool. There are essentially two common types of filter sold in New Zealand, sand and cartridge. Both have their benefits, so it really comes down to personal choice and preference.

 Sand filters are still the most commonly used filters in New Zealand. Robust, durable and low maintenance, sand filters can also be filled with different filtration media such as Zodiac Crystals (glass media) or Diamond Brite to provide deeper, more effective filtration.

Sand filters strain the water from the surface of your skimmer box, filtering out impurities. These impurities eventually clog up the sand, which should be cleared every 6-8 weeks using a process called backwashing. Backwashing is greatly reduced if the sand is replaced with Zodiac Crystals (glass).

 Zodiac cartridge filters use less water and filter finer particles than sand filters. Cartridge filters also require less water flow and less energy to effectively filter your pool water.

Ideal for tight spaces, they are simple to operate and maintain, and only need to be cleaned once or twice a season.

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