O3zone Spa Ozonator – 300mg/hr

$320.00 inc. GST

Specification :
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Voltage: 110v / 220v
Power: 10 watts
Ozone Cartridge Output: 300 mg/hr
Package includes :
1 X Ozone Generator
1 X 1m PVC Tube
1 X Amp Connector


Ozone gas

Ozone is a gas, naturally found in large quantities in the upper reaches of our atmosphere. When UV light strikes oxygen, ozone is created. When ozone gas is injected into the water of your spa, it acts as a powerful sanitizer that destroys most of the bacteria and microorganisms present in the water.


An ozonator is essentially an ozone-generating device that can artificially produce ozone by using ultraviolet rays or electrical discharges. The ozone created by the ozonator is a powerful oxidant, which can kill most bacteria and microorganisms present in the water. Ozone is a very effective and instant water disinfectant and purifier.

Water treated with ozone is transparent, absolutely odorless and is a blessed experience. Ozone will not cause irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes: if you use the ozonator properly, you can also minimize the chlorine concentrations in the water.

The Ozonator of your Spa

Our Spas are equipped with the latest ozonators, which utilize the smart CD-chip technology. This new technology produces 20 % more ozone and uses 37% less energy.

Transparent and clean water

The produced gas is injected in the water through a waterjet. Two of the three oxygen molecules are responsible for the chemical reaction that leads to the cleaning of the water, and the third molecule is released in the air. This molecule produces a pleasant, fresh and somewhat sweet scent, which is typical for ozonized water.

When do you have to use the ozonator and for how long?

After being injected, the ozone gas remains in the water for approximately 12 hours. This means that after these 12 hours, the water will not be cleaned anymore!

The ozonator does not work constantly, but during a filter cycle. The duration of the filter cycle depends on what program you have set on the Balboa operating system. (Refer to the Balboa manual: programming the filter cycle). We recommend to use the ozonator minimum twice a day for one hour (every twelve hours, for one hour), if you use your hot tub daily. Also use other cleaning products to optimize the pH-value and the quality of the water. Read more about this subject on the ?Water maintenance? page.

We advise you to change the ozonator every two years to ensure an optimal performance.