Pool and Spa Filter Cleaner

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Concentrated cleaner to remove dirt, oil, body fats, grease and film from all types of filters. This filter cleaner can also be used with a soft sponge to remove dirt and scum at the waterline. Use at least once a season for pools and more regularly for spas.



Direction of use

D.E. and Cartridge Filters:

Remove elements from filter and spray Filter Cleaner on. Agitate with brush then soak in a 1:20 solution of Filter Cleaner and water in a bucket. Hose filter off with highest pressure on hose until clean and replace elements into the filter.

Sand Filters:

Backwash filter and close inlet valves. With the filter off, remove the Multiport Valve, add the Filter Cleaner to the sand filter at the rate of 500mls per 35,000L pool. Replace the Multiport Valve. Leave overnight. Do not run the filter. The following day, backwash to waste until the sight glass runs clear.


Available in: 1L, 5L


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1L, 5L


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