Pool Tool – Zinc Sacrificial Anode 50mm Installation Kit

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Helps protect heaters, pool lights and rails from damage due to galvanic corrosion.



Pool Tool – Zinc Sacrificial Anode 50mm Installation Kit


Pool Tool Anti-Electrolysis sacrificial anode – 50mm / 2″ Tee

Supplied with 1.5m x 4mm2 earth wire

Protect valuable pool equipment such as heaters of all types – gas, electric, heat pumps against corrosion as a result of stray currents / galvanic corrosion.
Zinc will sacrifice before almost all other metals thereby limiting the damage to the common metals found in swimming pool and spa installations such as copper, cupro-nickel, stainless steel and titanium.
These metals can be found in heaters, pumps, some filters, handrails & steps, lights and other fittings in the pool.

It works by electrically bonding the zinc to the metals in contact with pool/spa water so that they are at the same potential. If there is an issue with galvanic corrosion present, the zinc will sacrifice protecting the other metals.

The earthing conductor must be installed by a qualified electrician.


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