Spa Ozonator Kit

$690.00 inc. GST


  • Designed for spas and hot tubs up to 1,600L
  • Saves you money on chemicals and eliminates odours
  • Ozone kills up to 99.99% of microorganisms found in spas and hot tubs
  • Eliminates unpleasant by-products from bromine and chlorine chemicals
  • Includes: OzonZ CD Ozone Generator, Ozone Supply Tubing, Check Valve, Venturi Injector and Installation Guide



Spa Ozonator Kit


The OzonZ ? CX-Series Corona Discharge Ozonators produce Ozone gas for treating the
water in the spa pool in an environmentally safe and effective manner. Ozone is a powerful and
natural disinfectant, that will quickly breakdown pool contamination, remove chemical odours, and then
simply revert back to oxygen.
The ozone is injected into the water through a small venturi injector which can be installed into
the plumbing of the main circulation pump.


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Weight8 kg

230V NZ Plug, AMP Plug


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