SpaNet Heat Pump SV Series Heat Pump

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SpaNet Heat Pump SV Series

  • Only works with SpaNet SV Spa Controllers
  • Save up to 70% on your spa heating bill – That is $1,000.00’s over the life of your spa.
  • Reverse cycle – heating AND cooling operation. From 10 to 40 degrees
  • Controlled by your spa touchpad
  • Very quiet operation
  • Available in 5.5 / 8.8 / 12 / 13kw
  • 13KW heatpump is specifically designed for cold climates


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Heating and maintaining water temperature accounts for approximately 85% of your spa’s running cost. Back in 2009, SpaNET recognised that air sourced heat pumps are the most energy efficient method of heating and became the first spa control manufacturer to develop an interface to offer true heat pump integration to a spa pool. For the past decade the SV Series plug-n-play heat pump interface has lead the industry providing instant connection of a heat pump to your spa, slashing heating costs by up to 75% on every single power bill.


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12KW, 13KW, 5.5KW, 8.8KW