Naked pH Controller

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The NKD-pH Controller can be added to your Freshwater Pool System to automatically dose hydrochloric acid on a daily basis to help maintain correct pH levels in the pool. Every swimming pool requires water to be balanced and pH in particular will vary depending upon many things such as pool usage, the environment of the pool, weather conditions, debris in the pool among others.

The NKD-pH Controller, controlled by the NKD-R system will automatically dose acid according to your pool size to take the manual work out of manually mixing acid with water and then putting it into your pool on a regular basis.


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Your Freshwater Pool’s Digitised Pool Systems Management

We will be showcasing its new NKD-pH controller at this year’s SPLASH Trade Show in August 2021.

Constant Innovation In Freshwater Pool Systems

When first releasing the Freshwater System nearly four years ago, it wasn’t seen as imperative to the company to offer automatic acid dosing. The reason being that with almost untraceable levels of chlorine and much lower chemical consumption, water balance and acid demand is typically easier to manage.

We Answer The Call From Our Customers

However, the freshwater swimming pool industry today appears to consider automatic acid dosing as a standard when building new pools and customers were constantly asking for an integrated solution with the NKD-R System, and come September, it will be available to them.

It was imperative to us that when providing a product complimentary to the existing NKD-R and NKD-C Freshwater systems that it was also simple to install for the builder and easy to maintain for the customer, says Darren Milne from Naked Pools. It also had to be manufactured with the highest quality components for reliability and longevity.

Integrating The NKD-pH Controller With Freshwater Systems

Everything is plug-n-play and uses the same smart digital interface currently available in the NKD-R System. The unit is ‘probe-free’ and doses are based on the size of the swimming pool avoiding the need for constant cleaning and calibration of probes.

The unit will have two options for managing acid dosing:

  1. Daily dosing based on the pool size
  2. pH demand – Add a volume of acid based on your weekly results. This also allows for the priming of the system when first running the system or replacing a squeeze tube.

Other features include:

  • Adjustable running and priming timers
  • High quality peristaltic pump and motor
  • PVC rollers offering low wear rates
  • Tygon® MF Neoprene® tube supplied in Australia for longer flex life and chemical resistance
  • IP34 Rated
  • 12 Month Warranty

It’s exciting to be able to offer this new product to our customers, says Milne. They have been asking for this kind of solution for some time now and to make freshwater pool management easier for their customers. The NKD-pH is another tool in the builder’s armoury along with our intuitive new user guides, online help, and the Freshwater App, allowing the builder to handover the pool with confidence ensuring their client will have a well managed, balanced, crystal clear swimming pool.


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