Beautec Scale and Stain Preventative 1.9 L

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Superior scale-stain controller.

  • Absolutely phosphate free formula.
  • Aggressively prevents and removes scale and stain buildup.
  • Salt cell de-scaler (without acids), protector and prolongs cell lifespan.
  • Controls calcium (up to 10,000 ppm) and hard silicates (up to 400 ppm).
  • Strongly sequesters iron, copper and manganese metals.
  • Protects all equipment: filter, heater, water auto-leveler, salt cell and solar unit.
  • Provides long lasting protection: pool finish, tile and equipment.


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Product Summary

The ultimate pool surface protection for superior scale, stain, and scum control and removal. New Synertec® polymer technology provides unsurpassed surface protection without phosphates and acids. Beautec® also removes existing scale buildup on tile and salt cell generators without scrubbing and use of harsh acid cleaners. Metal stains due to iron, copper, and manganese are strongly sequestered to prevent surface damage. Beautec® Scale-Stain controller is the only product available today that prevents both softer calcium and harder calcium-silicate scales.

How It Works

Beautec’s® advanced Synertec formulation combines a blend of high performance polymers that utilize a complex mechanism of threshold inhibitor, crystal modification and sequestration to accomplish effective preventative and ongoing removal of mineral scales, deposits, stains, and scum on pool surfaces. Beautec’s® exceptional performance is due, in part, to its extreme chlorine stability.


  • Provides superior scale, stain, and scum control Plus prevents hard silicate scales.
  • Salt cell descaler and cleaner.
  • Removes waterline calcium buildup.
  • Protects entire pool year-round.
  • Effectively removes plaster dust during new or remodeled pool startup.
  • Controls calcium hardness levels up to 1000 ppm.
  • Controls silicate levels up to 300 ppm.

Selling Points

  • Provides complete control of all types of metals and scale including hard silicates.
  • Excellent for cleaning and maintaining salt chlorine cells.
  • Small monthly dosage builds protection with each application.
  • Advanced Synertec® formula is both acid-free and phosphate free.
  • Great for new pool start up, quickly removes plaster dust and protects pool for months after treatment.

Customer Benefits

  • Only 1-2 bottles per year for most pools, after initial startup dosage.
  • It’s easy and affordable to use, just add monthly or twice per year.
  • Removes existing buildup without costly tile cleaning and acid washing.
  • Easy to use, just pour in and swim immediately


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