Multi Pills – 20g

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(Trichlor and Copper Sulphate)

Available in: 1kg


For the control of algae and bacteria in swimming pools.?

Trichloroisocyanuric acid and copper sulfate blend.



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Multi Pills – (20g) 1Kg

(Trichlor and Copper Sulphate)


Multi pills are a slow dissolving 4 way pill. Multi pills provide a source of chlorine to sanitise your pool water. They stabilise your chlorine from U.V degradation. They have an algaecide to inhibit algae growth and a flocculant to drop suspended particles, usually applied via skimmer basket or small floating dispenser. Can be used in conjunction with Trichlor Tabs/Dichlor granular or Liquid Chlorine.


Available in: 1kg


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